Serving in Cuenca, Ecuador

Friday, January 11, 2013

Food Hampers and Toys

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Every year since we have been on the mission field, we have been blessed by many of you who donate money to buy food for the poor in Brazil and now in Ecuador. This year was the same as we got to buy for for poor families. As well this year we were able to buy toys for the kids who would most likely not gotten anything for Christmas. It was great to see all their smiles and know that we made a little difference in their lives. Please pray for these families as they struggle daily with little to eat. Also thanks to all those who gave money to help these families and kids.


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Just before Christmas our family along with some of the youth from the church went to visit a small church in a neighborhood outside of the city of Saraguro. It's basically a small farming community that has deep indian roots. Most of the men there have long hair and the women dress in the indian dresses. While we were there the youth did a puppet theater and we have a few talks and Travis did the preaching on the Sunday. We handed out bags of candies to the kids and as well the church members here in Cuenca collected clothing and toys for the people in the community that we passed out. It was a great time and very peaceful. It was great meeting some of the church members there and helping them reach out to their neighbors.

Kids Christmas Program

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The kids school had a Christmas program and it was fun to watch the kids come out, sing songs and dance. Calen's class dressed as Christmas bells and Ceara's class dressed as snowmen. It was a great day and at the end Santa came to give them gifts and the classes had mini parties. Another great chance to get to know the parents and the students better.

English Christmas Party

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We held a Christmas party for our English students and enjoyed sharing time with them. We had a white elephant exchange, played a few games, and the classes sang Christmas songs. It was a great to spend time together and enjoy each others company as well as sharing in the reason why we celebrate Christmas with them. Please continue to pray for the relationships we have with these people.

Calen's Class Christmas Party

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The parents in Calen's class decided to throw a party so we went to one of the families homes to have a bbq and to let the kids play. We had a great time watching the kids interact, getting to know the parents and celebrating Christmas by hitting ollas encantadas. That is like a pinata but a little clay pot filled with candies that they hit till the break and each child gets to take home they pots candy. It was lots of fun!